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Insurgent assault pushed back in Faryab

Security forces have pushed back a major Taliban assault in Shirin Tagab district of northern Faryab province on Monday night, according to the military sources.

Taliban heavily armed with light and heavy weapons attacked Shirin Tagab district of Faryab at 9:00pm last night continuing three hours clashes with the Afghan forces, said 209 Shaheen Military Corps Spokesman.

Taliban fighters faced strict resistance of Afghan forces and pushed back after three hours of fierce fight in the district. During conflicts 13 Taliban fighters including a commander were killed and 19 others severely wounded.

Likewise, A famous mine maker of Taliban Mullah Sadruddin was wounded in his own mine blast in the district. Mullah Sadruddin was engaged in making mine, when it went off, which resulted at killing of his wife and two children. Mullah Sadruddin himself was wounded during the blast.

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