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Interim-govt. “a must” to conduct fair election, carry peace talks: Hekmatyar

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KABUL: In a press conference on Friday, presidential hopeful and leader of Hezb-e-Islami, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar has called for the formation of interim government, terming it a “must” to continue fair election and ensure peace in Afghanistan.

He accused the present government of having interest in the continuation of war and conflict in the country, saying that “peace is not possible with the perseverance of incumbent government.”

Meanwhile, hundreds of his supporters have come out to the streets of Kabul city to protest against what they call a ‘fraudulent election’ which is not acceptable for them.

The protestors claimed that the Independent Election Commission and “State Builder” electoral team, led by incumbent President Ashraf Ghani have committed systematic fraud in the Afghanistan Presidential Polls, which was conducted on September 28th.

The protestors demanded the IEC to invalid the votes which they claimed are not transparent. To force the commission meet their wishes, the protestors have warned that they would use any options.

Moreover, defending his supporters, Hekamtyar said that government created based on fraud votes was not acceptable and that the protests would be continued to defend people’s rights. 

He called on the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces to hold their impartiality in the ongoing electoral tensions.

“If the election goes for a runoff and if it is possibly invalided and there is crucial need for conducting of election and all sides are agreed on it, in both ways we need an interim government,” Hekmatyar said. 

Talking about peace talks, he said the militants were not ready to hold talks with Ghani’s administration.

“Peace talks between Taliban and US should be stopped rather the intra-Afghan-talks should be held,” he added.

To make his stand clear about the recount of votes, Hekmatyar said the process should be implemented with the presence of electoral team’s observers, adding, “Results should be announced after transparent of clean votes from fraudulent votes.”

Despite high security threats were posing by the Taliban militants to prevent people’s participation in the September 28th election, thousands of people have come out of homes and casted their votes in a bit to take part in making decision for a bright and stable Afghanistan.

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