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Interim Govt Help Bring Peace in Afghanistan: Russia

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KABUL: The Russian Special Envoy for Afghanistan has said that the only way to reach reconciliation in Afghanistan is to form an interim government in the country.

Talking about the results of the “Troika” conference on peace settlement in Afghanistan held on March 18th in Moscow, ambassador Zamir Kabulov said, “The formation of an interim and coalition government in the current situation in Afghanistan is the only proper option for peace in the country.”

He said that Russia, U.S. and China plus Pakistan understood that the only possible option for peace in Afghanistan was to form an interim government.  

According to him, the formation of an interim government would not be imposed on the Afghans. “We are talking about a solution, if anyone offers us another proposal, something that no one has done it, we will be happy.”

He said that the decision of the formation of the interim government lies on the people of Afghanistan.

The U.S., Russia, China plus Pakistan in a joint statement following the “Troika” conference said that they didn’t support the Taliban regime of “Islamic Emirates of Taliban”. 

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