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Interim-govt. necessitate to conduct free, fair election

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KABUL: Afghanistan Council for Peace and Salvation (ACPS) on Sunday has said it would work on a draft along with different political parties and civil organizations to find way how to cope with current crisis across the country.

Addressing a press conference titled “peace conference and essential proposal to solution of Afghanistan,” which attended by number of political figures, Ulema and candidates, the ACPS released a resolution read by the member of ACPS Musa Frewar, who said that presidential election with low turnout raised questions about political legitimacy.

It has been failed to pave the ground for a government to be acceptable for all, he said, adding, the political parties, and civil organizations have agreed to form a commission to work over a draft to handle and prevent the country from triggering into a new wave of crisis.

Also in the resolution, the ACPS asked for an immediate end to the war, brother killing, and prevention of Afghanistan’s destruction any more. It also emphasized over durable nationwide peace, responsible withdrawal of foreign troops, and a complete halt to foreign interferences and intelligence activity in Afghanistan.

On the other hand, a number of politicians, Ulema and civil activists participated in the conference believed that Afghans must be united and give sacrifices to reach a durable and nationwide peace throughout the country.

Leader of Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said that peace negotiation must by Afghan-led and Afghan-owned. He also believes there is also need of negotiations among involved conflict parties of the four decades.

“If any group, even a small one, remains out of negotiation process, it would continue fighting as it felt tangential.”

He said that Presidential election was not conducted in a free and fair way. “The election should be lunched again as only a fair process could stop Afghanistan from crisis,” he added.

The election should held under leadership of interim-government, where have no links with candidates. The new set up should only work for presidential election.

Another politician, Sayed Ishaq Gilani said there is need for sacrifices to reach a durable peace across the country. According to him, the foreigners won’t bring peace; the Afghans themselves must take step and accelerate efforts in the aspect.

Abdul Saboor Fakhri, Head of JamiatIslah said that Afghanistan would reach peace, when the international community and neighboring countries work sincerely for it.

There must a strong commitment to the peace process, he said, asking on the involved parties to stop spreading propagandas against each other as such disagreements would weaken peace point. 

“One and clear step should be adopted for peace as separate efforts yield no result.”

Presidential Candidate, Ahamad Wali Masoud has highlighted importance of a national consensus vital to reach peace.

“Perplexity won’t help us to reach peace, a national consensus of figures, politicians and elite could only work to achieve peace,” he added. He insisted that the key of peace is with the Afghans, and must pursue it by our efforts”.

The government has recently released three prisoners in order to facilitate direct talks with the Taliban, who all the time rejected meeting Afghan officials. So far, the step did not yield fruits as Taliban once again said they will not attend peace conference under leadership of Kabul administration.

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