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“Interim govt. only way out of crisis”

AT News Report-KABUL: Kandahar’s Provincial Council warns that formation of an interim government is the only way out of the ongoing crisis.

In a large gathering held Saturday in Kandahar city, people and their representatives in the provincial council expressed concern of the continuation of the current worsening situation particularly the recent unrest in the north, saying that only an interim administration would help the country get out of the existing situation.

They accused government leaders of insider differences that pay no attention to the situation in the north.

Head of Provincial Council, Khakrezwal, said that people of Kandahar were worried about the situation in the north, and support the anti-government protests in Faryab.

Kandaharis criticized the government for provoking further ethnic rifts.

Khakrezwal and others blamed the government officials for taking advantages from unrest in the north for their personal campaigns in the October parliamentarian election and to weaken each other.

They claimed that government leaders remove their political rivals under the pretext of fighting irresponsible armed individuals.

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