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International community supports 352,000 Afghan military forces by end of 2020: Ghani

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani assured that NATO-member countries vowed in Warsaw summit to provide financial and technical assistance for 352,000-strong security forces by the end of 2020.

Ghani said Monday that Afghanistan was in the spotlight of international community and they promised to fund the current formations of Afghan security forces at a strength of 352,000 with no reduction till 2020.

He admired the US for supporting Afghan government, saying that Washington and its allies committed to keep 11,000 forces in Afghanistan for training, advising and assistant mission.

He acknowledged that inside international aids, Britain also committed in Warsaw Summit to support Afghan military academy for training newly personals to accelerate instruction process.

He said that the government is “committed to bring reforms” in various sectors including security organs and “fight against corruption” with full capacity.

He termed the establishment of the anti-corruption judicial center to fight corruption and bringing reforms in the national procurement administration as the recent efforts of Afghan government, adding that “by establishment of the new judiciary center people will be witness of practical measures against corrupts.”

In the Warsaw Summit, NATO and the Unites State renewed commitments for next four-year to support Afghan security forces in order to strongly fight terrorism.

So far Afghan security forces are involved in tough battle against armed insurgents in various parts of the country and they imposed heavy casualties for armed insurgents.

Afghan security forces claim that regional intelligence are involved in conflict of Afghanistan and they repeatedly asked international community to put pressure over Pakistan to desist from proxy war in Afghanistan.

Some military analysts believe that as long as NATO and USA remain negligent toward Pakistan military interference and not to equip Afghan security forces, counties of the world will never see pleasant days by terrorism threats.

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