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More international interest to Afghan peace

Recently, the International Contact Group (ICG) on Afghanistan has declared its support for the Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process.

Efforts for reaching a sustainable peace has been done by the governments for more than a decade, when the Taliban once ruling the country and toppled by a US-led international invasion, retook power and started carrying out deadly attacks against the Afghan security forces, foreign troops, foreign aid workers and civilian Afghans.

Former President, Hamid Karzai spent most of his time and used any possibilities to convince the insurgent group abandon war and killing of their own people, and to accept his voice for peace. Continuing his efforts, Karzai formed the High Peace Council in 2010 to make contact channels with the militants.

The ICG meeting was held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and jointly chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai and Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan.

It is a platform for discussions on assistance to the development of Afghanistan and the region in which it is located. This platform was established in 2009 and brought together 60 states and organizations, including Azerbaijan. Together with Afghanistan, Germany acts as a co-chair country of the ICG.

The participants termed Afghan government’s decision of ceasefire a bold step termed it manifestation of the Afghan government and its people commitments for the establishment of peace in the country.

The Baku meeting declares the fact that now the region is really keen for peace in Afghanistan, as we had earlier hard supports by other neighboring and regional states to the government’s initiative in a ceasefire with the Taliban. Even some countries that were known as Taliban supporters and financial sources, are backing the peace program now. Peace in Afghanistan is not only a fortune in our country and for us, but it reflects a wider meaning and its good omen spreads to other nations.

As a principle, every country seeks its national interests at first and sees something from the glasses of its interests, so our region members have reached the reality that peace in Afghanistan is in their benefit, and they have started backing the peace process. Only some states that are still in the old belief of seeking their benefits in other’s instability, are not ready to accept this fact and join the Afghan, regional and international consensus.

Those who are unfortunately still directing Taliban, should know that most of Taliban fighters are fed up with war and know that they will never get victory through the war, as they openly said during the three-day truce the group observed.

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