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International unanimity on counterterrorism fades as war drags on

AT-KABUL: Political pundits during periodical session last week of Rana Think Tank confided that Afghanistan needs an authoritative and powerful central government to subdue the current spasm of militancy and steer the country out of crisis and internal strife.

“A paramount way out of armed conflict is the formation of an authoritative government in bid to dismantle terrorist networks and move toward sustainable peace and economic development,” said Karim Khoram, a former government official.

Khoram believed that the government used little caution and rather made a hastened decision to sign a bilateral security agreement with Americans – devoid of weighing its long-term securities. “Political and economic stability and sustainability – beside military involvements – should have been the prime objective of the much-touted accord. We support the U.S. military presence inside Afghanistan on the condition that Americans support us to fight terrorism and ensure an economic development,” he reckoned.

“Peace has almost been tantamount to wild goose chase in Afghanistan and the emergence of ferocious militant groups like Islamic State has tarnished a broad regional and internationalconsensus in the fight against terror,” he said, “Embattled Afghanistan has been besieged by a rivalry of regional powers and a spasm of proxy war. And since 2006,the direction of anti-terrorism campaign went adrift and insecurity spread rapidly.”

He believed that insecurity has been a hindrance to economy and transit and has strained economic ties with other countries including the Russian federation. Regarding the internal armed conflict and unrest, he proposed a grand assembly or an international conference be orchestrated to absorb a worldwide unanimity for the fight on terrorism.

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