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International Women’s Day Marked in Chinese Embassy

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KABUL: In the eve of celebration the International Women’s Day, the Chinese embassy in Kabul on Wednesday hosted photo exhibition of Afghan women organized by a local female photographer, Fatema Hussaini, where many women, girls, including some Afghan men from ministries and some media outlets attended.

Chinese Ambassador, Mr. Liu Jinsong inaugurated the exhibition assuring his country’s cooperation to help Afghanistan, including the Afghan women.

“From outset to the end, we were besides the Afghan masses from all walks of life where Afghan women are among them,”, the envoy said, reassuring to work together with the Afghan government in order to have a durable and nationwide peace in Afghanistan.

While announcing China’s support for Afghan people and the Afghan women, ambassador said China has strategic relation with Afghanistan. “This relation is also among women of the two countries.”

China has helped Afghan women through different platforms such as scholarships, internships, training workshops and other program in China, he added.

Hinting toward different constructions and development projects which have been funded by the Chinese government, Mr. Jinsong said his country would continue these projects.

In the same event, Deputy of Ministry of Women’s Affairs Nabila Mosleh has expressed pleasure over running Afghan women exhibition at Chinese embassy in Kabul, said empowering Afghan women economically is the most necessary and important point.

According to her, despite different challenges, Afghan women had made great progresses in different aspects such as education, economy and others social elements.

Fatema Hussaini is a local female photographer who displaced different photos of women, trying to reflect their sufferings and achievements through it.

Hussaini told Afghanistan Times that she wanted to introduce Afghan women via this exhibition, where according to her it is a step to introduce Afghan women to the foreigners. “I want to show Afghan women beauty without Burqa.”

She added the exhibition also beside beauty, it shows Afghan women ability, which can shin well in different aspects and enough able to fight any sorts of discriminations.

20 photographs of Afghan women from different parts of the country has been put in display, she furthered.

International Women’s Day is celebrating on 8th of March, in an occasion marked by women’s groups around the world when women come together and exercise their voice of solidarity, advocating peace, equity, equality, and human rights.

The celebration of International Women’s Day is an important opportunity to increase awareness of gender equality and issues that are facing their local communities including how they could play a greater role in making changes in their own lives and contribute the sustainable development of Afghanistan.

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