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International Youth Day: Ghani urges youth to fight crisis, corruption

‘Don’t let anyone to use you as tools to fun flame of discord’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Celebrating the International Youth Day on Saturday in Salam Khana palace, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani urged the youth to fight against corruption and rescue the country from crisis.

President continued that “some cluster willing to use you (youth) as tools and divide you under different name, so don’t let to anyone to fueling discord.”

Pointing to the discord issues in the past years, he said that what the result of 40 years dividing was.

It is the mission of youth to work for unity, independency and progress in the country, he added.

President while motivating youth for learning education, said that education system need to be changed.

He said that from primary to higher education‘s curriculum need to be enriched accordance to the 21st century and the country requirements.

He insisted that government will work to boost up the opportunity and link education with job opportunities.

Till one month over 13,000 vacancies including 8,000 posts for teachers, 5000 civil services and 800 posts in procurement fields will be announced, he noted.

Hinting to insecurity issues, he said that Afghans enemy wants us to be engaged only in war and remain busy only in this dimension, but we think about different dimension including security, progress, education and development.

He said that if they think Afghanistan is a landlocked country, but it is the heart of Asia and is a movable heart.

The Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto, while praising Afghan youth’s efforts for the country progress, said that United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) remains committed to support youth to build their country.

He said that youth is the main source of moral for the UN activities in the country.

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