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Int’l watchdog fears reversal of Afghanistan gains

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KABUL: ‘Reporters without Borders’ is worried about threats looming over Afghanistan’s 2 decade gains.

In its global ranking, the international watchdog has reported that freedom of media in Afghanistan has exacerbated as the country is ranked 121st among 180 countries in 2019, slipping down from its 118th ranking in the preceding year.

The report highlights the U.S.-Taliban peace deal, emphasizing that the deal has not improved security situation and won’t bring about lasting peace.

It maintains that the 19-year achievements of Afghanistan – freedom of press and protection of journalists – is under threat.

The report hints at an increase in government efforts to protect the media and journalists which was crystallized with the formation of a joint media-government committee.

The imposed war by the Taliban, ISIS and warlords and corrupt government officials pose a permanent threat to journalist, said the report.

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