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Intra-Afghan talks only way to end war: Karzai

Former President Hamid Karzai’s message on Independence Day

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KABUL: Former President, Hamid Karzai issued a message on the 101st Independence Day. The message reads:

Dear fellow Afghans, brothers and sisters!

I would like to congratulate the 101st Independence Day of our homeland to all proud men and women of Afghanistan.

101 years ago, our forefathers put an end to the domination of colonialists on our country with unity, solidarity and bravery. Our country’s prideful flag started flying on the tips of high mountains. Regaining of the independence is the result of national unity and love to our beloved homeland, so we need to protect this sacred tradition and hand it to the next generations.

Dear compatriots!

Though our ancestors reached their hopes regarding the independence, but our home came under invasion by aliens once again in the past century. A bloody and ruinous war is continuing in our country for several years, the war which only claims sacrifices from the people of Afghanistan and our home is being constantly destroyed.

We should have brought peace and stability and taken our destiny in our own hands, but this did not happen.

Fortunately, now after many pains, an outlook of peace is seen clearer than any other time. We, the Afghans, should take steps in unity to gain peace and end the war and violence.

The people of Afghanistan will accept no pretexts by the fellow Afghans or foreigners to postpone the peace negotiations. We can only gain peace and stability only through the intra-Afghan talks, mutual understanding and accepting responsibility before God and the people of Afghanistan.

War and violence is benefit for the aliens. The people want a peaceful Afghanistan where every citizen (men and women) take part in political and social life without discrimination and no foreigner has the right to meddle.

I pray to God the almighty to keep our colorful national flag flying away from foreign influence.

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