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Intransigent Taliban still ramping up violence

By Mohammad Ehsan

KABUL: Media reports have shown intensification of violence and severe war in the country – the Taliban has significantly surged the aggressive attacks, killing and maiming our people. Only within the past six months, more than 3,500 civilians were killed or maimed, and also a huge number of people have been displaced due to this ongoing violence.

Here, the government ordered the security forces to set in active-defensive posture which pushed the security forces into a critical situation.

The logic of the government sounds good – it means the government practically shows its opposition to violence and continuation of war, and gives the Taliban a green light with putting its forces defensive and avoids aggressive attacks. But the issue encouraged the Taliban to do more maneuvers, intensifying its attacks and extending its battlefields to show the international community that it has more power.

In the meantime, in a long distance to Afghanistan, an important meeting for the future of our country is hosting Afghan, regional and world’s delegation who together try to put an end to the unstoppable armed conflicts in Afghanistan. But the Taliban with making various excuses tries to keep the war stove to spoil the blood of our countrymen on this pure land.  

To encourage the Taliban to halt violence and conflict, the government of Afghanistan released more than 5,400 Taliban prisoners – the prisoners who, according to media reports, rejoined the insurgency and returned to the battlefields.

Now, through orders from its masters, the group put some complex and challengeable conditions such as Hanafi School acceptance of its agreement with the US as the fundamental and basic of confrontation in the negotiations with the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. These conditions will breakdown the Doha-negotiations and or even undermine the peace process. At one point of view such conditions pose tribal and religious disputes in the country and from another point of view it faces the peace process to serious challenges, and also brings the modern achievements like human rights, religious freedom and pluralism, gained during past 19 years throughout the unstoppable efforts of the Afghan government and international communities, under accountability.

If the Taliban really wants to end the longest war, it should observe the values of modern achievements. Irrational remarks in contrast with the Islamic regulation complicate the negotiations and face the process to hurdles. The intensification of violence and civilian casualties is not a privilege for the insurgents but it further defines the Taliban as a criminal and rough group.

The Sunni and Shiite Afghans are living in a brotherhood environment together; the tribal disputes and religious controversies are never welcomed in this country. The order to voice and prohibition from virtue branch of the Taliban is no longer in the interest of people. People are frustrated with the Taliban’s behaviors, thus the group should not disgust itself beyond this.

The Doha meeting is a good opportunity to end the killings and carnages that are looming in Afghanistan since ages. The group should not squander this chance.

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