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Iran announces stricter measures to extradite illegal Afghan migrants

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KABUL – Iran has unveiled a more rigorous approach to extradite illegal foreign migrants, with a considerable focus on Afghans. The country is set to streamline the process for legal arrivals while addressing the pressing issue of migrants and refugees.

Interior Minister Ahmad Vahid made this announcement during a press briefing on Wednesday, emphasizing that handling the migrant and refugee situation is a top priority for Iranian authorities. In his statement, Vahidi also disputed the statistics reported in Iranian media regarding the number of Afghan refugees in the nation, asserting that the actual figure is less than five million.

Iran has been grappling with the influx of refugees, particularly from Afghanistan, following the Taliban’s takeover in neighboring Afghanistan. This surge has raised security concerns within Iran, with resources stretched thin due to Western sanctions.

In recent months, Iranian newspapers have sounded alarms about the security implications of the increasing number of Afghan nationals entering the country. There are apprehensions about potential radicalization among Afghan refugees.

Addressing a separate matter, Minister Vahidi refuted claims by Israeli media that a recent tremor, felt 35 kilometers from Iran’s western Ilam Province, bordering Iraq, resulted from a missile attack on an Iranian military base. He clarified that the tremor was, in fact, caused by an earthquake.

This move by Iran to tighten its stance on illegal migrants reflects the nation’s determination to manage the situation while addressing the challenges posed by the refugee influx from Afghanistan.

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