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Iran asserts plans to block its borders despite Taliban opposition

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KABUL – Iran remains resolute in its decision to fortify its borders with Afghanistan, despite objections from Taliban government. General Kioumars Heydari, commander of Iran’s Ground Forces, reaffirmed Tehran’s commitment to erecting fences along the shared frontier, asserting Iran’s sovereign right to secure its boundaries.

Heydari’s statement came in response to criticisms from Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, who questioned the necessity of such measures, arguing that Afghanistan poses no threat to its neighbors. Dismissing Mujahid’s remarks, Heydari emphasized that border security is paramount for Iran, citing the escalating migrant influx from Afghanistan as a key concern.

The influx of Afghan migrants into Iran has sparked a contentious debate within the country, with opinions divided on whether their presence represents a security threat or an opportunity for the regime. Despite differing perspectives, Heydari underscored that Iran’s actions are driven by a commitment to safeguarding its territorial integrity, rather than pursuing aggression against its neighbors.

Iran’s Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi previously confirmed the border blockade plans, clarifying that the initiative aims to bolster security rather than erect a physical barrier. With tensions simmering, Iran’s steadfast determination to fortify its borders signals a potential escalation in regional dynamics, raising concerns about the broader implications for stability in the area.

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