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Iran sees opportunity in decline of Pakistan’s exports to Afghanistan

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KABUL – Iranian officials view the decrease in Pakistan’s exports to Afghanistan as an economic opportunity. Ahmad Ariafar, the general director of industry, mines, and commerce in Iran’s South Khorasan province, emphasized the potential for Iran to enhance its trade relations with Afghanistan. He highlighted the opportunity for Iran to provide technical and engineering services to Afghanistan, recognizing the country’s significant potential.

These observations come amid rising tensions between Iran and Pakistan in the Balochistan region, resulting in casualties on both sides. Recent incidents, including the killing of nine Pakistanis in Balochistan, have intensified these tensions. Additionally, Pakistani authorities imposing mandatory visa requirements for Afghan truck drivers led to the Torkham border gate closure for over 11 days, causing substantial financial losses for Afghan traders.

Governor Jawad Qana’at of South Khorasan revealed efforts to operationalize the Mahirud border crossing with Afghanistan 24/7 to boost exports. Alireza Khama Zar, the head of the Chamber of Commerce in Birjand city, noted that South Khorasan primarily exports products like cement, tiles, ceramics, eggs, and food items to countries such as Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan.

Despite recent challenges, Iran remains one of Afghanistan’s significant trading partners, fostering a strong economic relationship. In a positive development, authorities in Taybad city, Razavi Khorasan province, reported the successful export of approximately 67,000 tons of agricultural products to Afghanistan through the Dogharoun border over the past 10 months.

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