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Iran supports Taliban to counter Daesh threats: Nabil

AT-KABUL: The former intelligence Chief Rahmatullah Nabil has said the Taliban insurgents are supported by Iran as the country aims to counter the growing Daesh emergence reach in the country.

“Taliban insurgents are receiving financial and equipment support from Iran, particularly in the western parts of the country,” Nabil said in an exclusive interview with the Voice of America Television Channel.

He added that Russia’s interest towards Afghanistan has also grown as the violence has spread in northern parts of the country during past two years.

The intelligence cooperation between China and Afghanistan has increased during the recent years, Nabil said.

He emphasized that the Taliban group continues to receive support from Pakistan and the Red Brigade of the Taliban group continues its insurgency with modern equipment in their custody.

Nabil asserted the group’s Red Brigade is mainly fighting in western and southern parts of the country, including Helmand, Farah, and Uruzgan provinces.

The remarks by Nabil came as the Afghan officials have long been criticizing Pakistan for supporting the Afghan militant groups, specifically the Taliban and Haqqani terrorist network by providing them with safe havens in its soil.

Afghan officials said earlier Tehran has quietly increased supplying of weapons, ammunition and funding to the Taliban, and is now recruiting and training their fighters, posing a new threat to Afghanistan’s fragile security. But Iran has also been accused of providing equipment to the Afghan militant groups in the country.

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