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Iran to start mining in Afghanistan within a month: Taliban


Kabul: The Public Relations Department of the Governorship of Ghor announced that a contract has been signed with an Iranian company for the extraction of minerals in the Afghan province and the practical work will begin in a month.

According to the announcement by the governor of Ghor in central Afghanistan, a coal mine in the province signed a contract with a domestic company named (Roshan Qadri) which is supposed to extract 100,000 tons of coal, but the extraction process has not officially started yet.

Also, Jest and Sorab mines in the province have also signed a contract with an Iranian company and this company is supposed to start mining in a month.

The announcement further said that a five-member delegation from the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of the Taliban government is supposed to go to the province with the aim of monitoring and improving the work of Ghor mines. This is while the local authorities of Badghis province announced the extraction process of a semi-precious stone mine.

According to the authorities, this mine has fluoride rock and its extraction is carried out by a domestic company.

Officials of the Badghis Mines and Petroleum Administration say that these semi-precious stones used to be smuggled in this province, but now the Taliban receives a good monthly income from the discovered mine.

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