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Iranian Backed 22-Group, Destabilizing Security Situation in Heart: Officials

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KABUL: A delegation of the lower house of the parliament, who went to western Herat province, said that there are 22 groups who receive money from Iran, the neighboring country, is destabilizing the security situation there. They were appointed to investigate the security situation in the province after insecurity has grown.

Four members of the delegation were assigned after representatives of Herat in the Wolesi Jirga expressed their concern over what they termed, “rapid insecurity” in the province.

According to the findings of the delegation, there are 230 groups who are getting financial support from foreign countries.  

“230 groups are active in Herat’s districts to jeopardize the security situation,” said Head of the delegation, Abdulsatar Hussaini. “63 of them are dangerous and active, but 22 others are more dangerous and financially supported and equipped by Iran, they are involved in terror, kidnapping and insecurity.”

The delegation said that it would provide the evidence at the parliament next week. The delegation accused some of the provincial officials of being involved in insecurity of the province.

But the provincial governor denied the allegation, saying that the insecurity originated from the shortage of enough security forces in the province.

Provincial Governor, Sayed Wahid Qatali said that 195 groups are active under the Taliban leadership in provincial city and rural areas. “11 terrorist groups are active in Herat city,” he said

Herat is considered as one of the strategic provinces and also seemed as the business hub of Afghanistan. However, recently it has hit with a surge in insecurity and criminal activities.

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