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Iran’s alleged sponsorship of Taliban should be probed

AT-KABUL: Iran’s support of Taliban report needs an extensive investigation, Afghan government said Tuesday in response to the claims of the US embassy in Kabul regarding Iran’s “logistical support” to the group.

Mohammad Radmanesh, spokesman of defense ministry said it would be premature to comment on “Iran’s support of Taliban”, adding an investigation would be carried out to find evidences.

“Let us complete our investigation to see how the regional countries are behaving with Afghanistan. We will share our findings with the media after the investigation,” Radmanesh said Tuesday.

The US Ambassador to Kabul, John Bass claimed in an interview with the BBC that Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps was logistically helped Taliban. He warned that the continued war in Afghanistan could harm security in Iran’s eastern borders.

Earlier, a few parliamentarians had claimed that Iran was supporting Taliban in the western areas. They also claimed that Tehran was providing Russia-made weapons to the militants.

Meanwhile, Iranian ambassador to Kabul, Mohammad Reza Bahrami denied Bass’ allegations, saying that the United States wants to continue enmity with Iran and its Iraq and Syria defeats in Afghanistan.

He called Bass’ comments undocumented and illogical, saying Bass should provide evidences regarding Iran’s support of Taliban to Kabul government.

But, Mohammada Gol Mujahid, accused Iran of helping war in Afghanistan to prevent some big projects being run here.

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