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Iran’s envoy: US still interferes in Afghanistan


Kabul: The Iranian President’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Affairs said in a televised interview with Iran’s national TV that Americans will not allow a strong government to form in countries like Afghanistan. He further added that the US intervention in Afghanistan’s affairs is not over yet. According to him, the policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on supporting the people of Afghanistan.

The Iranian president’s special representative for Afghanistan continued to identify the main reason for America’s failure in Afghanistan as not accompanying the people of this country and said “The US does not seek the interests of nations. This country does not allow a strong government to form in countries like Afghanistan.”

He added that instability and chaos was what America wanted to prove that Afghanistan would sink in turmoil and instability in its absence.

He further stated that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is still operational in Afghanistan, despite the military pullout, and that the US still has control over Afghanistan’s airspace.

Kazemi Qomi pointed out that during the past year, US and its allies tried to stir up ethnic-religious conflicts in Afghanistan and currently they are trying to create an atmosphere of mistrust between Afghan governing body and Iran.

Qomi added that Iran’s approach to Afghanistan has been to support the Afghan people while developing regional collaboration in counterterrorism in Afghanistan. He mentioned Iran’s assistance in controlling immigration and restraining terrorism.

He also called for establishment of an inclusive government in Afghanistan and added that Iran’s responsible toward security and stability in the region.

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