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Iran’s hand behind district fall in Herat, Farah: Report

KABUL: Taliban insurgents took control of some districts in the western province of Farah some three weeks ago in which at least 30 security forces were killed.

Farah borders Iran’s province of Southern Khorasan.

According to reports, the districts of Lash Jovain, Anar Dara and Posht Koh fell to Taliban.The reports claim that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) was directly involved in the fall of these districts by supporting Taliban with cash and arms as well as managing the war.

The reports say that Iran’s IRGC fully supports Taliban commanders Mullah Rashed, Mullah Shakoor and Mullah Sardar who captured the districts of Farah province.

It said that the IRGC provided Taliban with six vehicles full of arms and explosives in the Lash Jovain district just the day after they captured the district.

The report claims that the explosives provided by Iran were used in destroying of district governor’s office in Anar Dara.

The report predicts that Taliban are getting prepared to attack Farah’s provincial capital, saying that Iranian military officials can now easily reach the insecure district of Khashrod in the neighboring province of Nimroz and then to Helmand province after the fall of Lash Jovain and Posht Koh districts in Farah.

Meanwhile, Afghan intelligence forces say that Iranians helped Taliban to capture Anar Dara in Farah to reach the Shindand district of Herat province that borders Anar Dara and then go on toward the provinces of Ghor, Faryab and Badghis.

“Iran is trying to prevent Daesh influence in Afghanistan and manage the water resources in the west.”

Farah representatives in the parliament also confirm that Iranian army managed war in the districts of Lash Jovain, Anar Dara and Posht Koh.

Homayoun Shahid Zada, representative of Farah in parliament, said he had reliable evidences that the war in Lash Jovain district was led by Iranians.

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