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Iran’s Non-Oil Exports to Afghanistan Soar to $1.871 Billion, Reflecting 13.6% Increase


Kabul: Iranian media has reported a significant surge in Iran’s non-oil exports to Afghanistan, reaching $1.871 billion in the past solar year, marking a notable 13.6% increase compared to the preceding year.

Hossein Roustaei, Iran’s commercial attaché in Afghanistan, disclosed this development on Sunday, April 14th, indicating a robust growth trajectory in Iran’s commercial engagements with its neighboring country. Roustaei highlighted that Iran’s non-oil exports to Afghanistan surged by $224 million over the past twelve months, accompanied by a staggering increase of 963,000 tons in weight. This upward trend amounted to a total value of $1.871 billion and a weight of 3,414 tons for the year 1402, reflecting a notable 28% rise in weight compared to the previous year.

The Iranian official attributed this positive trend to several key factors, including the expansion of export items to Afghanistan, with 1,000 new items added after a four-year decline. Additionally, he noted a significant uptick in Afghanistan’s exports to Iran, climbing by $13 million to $43 million, marking a substantial 45% growth in value and a remarkable 104% increase in weight.

The surge in trade between the two nations has been facilitated by various measures, as outlined by Iranian media citing the Iranian Trade Development Organization. These include intensified exchanges of trade delegations, streamlined border procedures, extended customs working hours, and diplomatic initiatives such as joint economic commission meetings and trade conferences held in key cities like Tehran, Kabul, Herat, and Mashhad. Moreover, initiatives such as exclusive exhibitions showcasing Iranian export capabilities in Herat and the exchange of over 50 exhibition delegations have further bolstered trade relations.

Highlighting the significance of Afghanistan as a key trade partner for Iran, Iranian media, citing the Iranian Customs Administration, revealed that Afghanistan ranks as the seventh-largest destination for Iranian export goods. Official statistics from the Iranian Customs affirm Afghanistan’s pivotal role, recording Iran’s highest positive trade balance among export target countries during the twelve months of the year 1402. This robust trade relationship underscores the mutual economic benefits and strategic importance of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Afghanistan.

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