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Ishchi’s allegation to be assessed: Govt

AT-KABUL:  The government on Wednesday assigned a team to thoroughly investigate Mr. Ahmad Khan Ishchi’s allegations regarding his detention and being sexually abused by first vice president Gen. Abdul Rashid Dustom in the Sheberghan city, provincial capital of Jawzjan.

“The government obligates itself to protect and ensure every citizen in accordance with the Islamic values, constitutional provisions and other laws as well as Afghanistan’s commitment to all international treaties and human rights conventions,” the presidential palace said in a statement.

“The government reiterates on due process to ensure justice by the law enforcement and other authorities in an independent and impartial manner based on findings of the investigation.”

The former Jawzjan governor and ex-member of National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Ishchi has alleged that has been assaulted by Dostum and then taken into custody. He was released about 16 days later.

According to reports, Ishchi was assaulted by Dostum’s guards at a Buzkashi game last month. He was then taken into custody by Dostum’s men. According to Ishchi’s family he was in Dostum’s custody for five days before being handed over to the National Directorate of Security (NDS). He was released last Saturday.

However, Dostum’s office rejected the reports, saying he was arrested by the NDS in Jawzjan.

“He was detained by the NDS for his involvement in insecurities and funding the anti-government elements,” first vice president’s office said in a statement.

It added after Ishchi was released by intelligence agency, he appeared in a TV interview describing his detention under Gen. Dostum’s men and said: “Dostum pushed me on the ground pressed his leg on my throat and abused me. Then he took me to his house. When I arrived at his house, he shouted at his guards to bring me out of the car and ordered to undress me they even pulled off my trousers.”

Following the accusations, the United States and United Kingdom embassies as well as the United Nations office in Afghanistan and the European Union called for an investigation into the reported mistreatment of Ahmad Ishchi, who only re-emerged on Saturday after disappearing for two weeks.

Gen. Dostum denied Ishchi’s accusation, describing it as an attempt by especial circles to defame him.

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