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ISIS in Syria and in Afghanistan

The probe into the crash of Russia passenger plane in the Sinnai Peninsula has been concluded. The crux of the probe is either a bomb explosion or a catastrophic mechanic failure caused the crash. The ISIS (known across the Muslim world as Daesh), has claimed responsibility. ISIS and targeting a Russian passenger plane? If the plane was brought down by a bomb, the incident must unleash a wave of concerns in Afghanistan as well because Daesh has footprints in this militancy-wracked country and if they lay hands on such weapons where they can target passenger planes, would they refrain from doing so here in Afghanistan? A weapon in the hands of a terrorist is a weapon in the hands of an insane. Now there must be serious investigations into the claims by Daesh to have shot down the passenger plane. If ISIS has really shot it down, it is feared Syria will be a replay of Afghanistan, because here the US invested heavily in Mujahideen, and the then USSR wanted to crush them. Now the US will be investing in ISIS and Russia will be crushing them as Russia has already started pounding the ISIS. The problem is getting insecure with each passing where small nations are being sacrificed at the altars of the powerful nations. In the past, USSR was subdued in Afghanistan, but this time, those nations who are victims of terrorism, must rally behind Russia as it wants to fight off terrorism in real sense unlike others who roll out terrorism to protect their foreign policy objectives. Moreover, the heat in Syria will increase as the ISIS fighters seized the Syrian town of Maheen in southwestern Homs province this week, there will be more Russian jets bombing and US in mulling to send its troops to Syria. The offensive for capturing this town started with two suicide bomb attacks. The new US backed Syrian opposition, called the Democratic Forces of Syria, has recently launched attacks on ISIS position Hasaka province. Hasaka province border Iraq and a very much strategic for Daesh. Now the United States is planning to deploy its troops help battle Daesh. The number of the troops is very much nominal somewhere from 40 to 60, but the question is why the US sending them?  To train, advise, and assist Syria’s opposition forces?  Wouldn’t it be a complete violation of the international law? First equip terrorists, make them to target governments, after undermining the governments, and then militarily intervene. What an excuse and a scheme of neo-imperialism. For over 70-year, the US convinced much of the world, through its powerful media—a manufacturing industry of lies, that there was an international conspiracy out there. It was a biggest threat. In making people believe and selling this notion, the US is unparalleled. First it sold, an international communist conspiracy, seeking no less than control over the entire globe. The world was beguiled into believing that it needed the US to save it from the communist devil. Is communism a devil really? Oh come on. How many more lies will be fabricated. The fiasco of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has already left the true face of the US, bare. Behind the savior-face of the United States there is yet another face that is telling the world to buy our weapons, let our military and our corporations roam freely across the your lands, and give us veto power over who your leaders will be, and we will protect you. They don’t like Assad in Syria. They hated Saddam in Iraq. They disliked Sardar Daud, and Dr. Najib in Afghanistan. And the result is in front of the world. Let’s wish Moscow and Washington DC don’t come to war in Syria. Let’s wish Syria regains its calm once it had in the past. And let’s wish Afghanistan also becomes an abode of peace.


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