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ISIS team house destroyed in Kabul


Kabul: Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid announced that their forces destroyed an ISIS hideout in the 15th district of Kabul.

According to him, this operation was carried out on Saturday, November 13 in the area of “500 family.”

Mujahid says that five ISIS members were also killed in this operation.

He wrote in a tweet that these people were members of an important network that was involved in small explosions in Kabul city and wanted to carry out extensive destructive attacks and added that some weapons and explosives sized during this operation.

The Taliban are announcing their operations against ISIS in the heart of Kabul while claiming that ISIS does not have a physical presence in Afghanistan and is not a threat.

ISIS has also taken responsibility for deadly attacks after the Taliban rule in Afghanistan.

On Saturday evening, some news sources announced that the sound of explosions and continuous shooting was heard from the “Khair Khana” area of ​​Kabul, which lasts for several hours.

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