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‘ISKP second-in-command killed in Afghanistan’


Kabul: Pakistani media claims that the second-in-command of the ISIS-K was reportedly killed in an operation in Shakardara district north of Kabul.

According to the Express Tribune, engineer Umar was first responsible for Kabul province before being appointed to lead the central division. He was currently working as the deputy to Sanaullah Ghafari, who governs the rebel group in ISKP.

Al-Mursad, one of the media outlets close to the Taliban, also wrote that the security forces killed Engineer Omar in an operation on Friday, May 5.

At the same time, local sources reported on Monday night, the occurrence of heavy fighting and the sound of heavy weapons in the Shekardara district of Kabul.

Referring to this conflict, al-Mursad claimed that the intelligence of the Islamic Emirate attacked two hideouts of ISIS in this district.

Based on this report, the operations in two districts of Bagrami and Shekardara are still ongoing.

It should be mentioned that the ISIS Khorasan branch has been active since 2015 and has been led by Sanaullah Ghafari alias Shahab al-Muhajar in the last three years.

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