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Islamabad lies Kabul over peace talks: Atmar

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The National Security Adviser, Mohammad Haneef Atmar said that Pakistan has promised to go against those who do not want peace talks with the Afghan government, but Pakistan did not do this.

“They lied to us.  Islamabad said the Taliban leader was not in Pakistan, but then we saw Mullah Mansur had a Pakistani ID card when he was killed while traveling inside Pakistan,” he added.

“We have received messages from Pakistan as we have diplomatic relations. Our president has told them we have no hope that they will help us with peace talks,” he added.

During an interview with Gandhara/RFERL, Atmar said: “We asked them very clearly: “Why are you lying? This [peace process] would not be in your favor. Terrorism will backfire against you, and it already has.” My hope is that Pakistan thinks logically and pays attention to this issue.

Taliban have not shown positive intentions, he said, adding that they (Taliban) have not reacted positively to Chain’s (efforts) or the Quadrilateral Coordination Group’s efforts.

“The only thing they have done is intensify war against their own people, Afghans. Their war is directed by outsiders. In this war [against Afghans], the Taliban have the support of foreign countries and foreign militant groups such as Central Asian and Pakistani terrorists, from Lashkar-e-Taeba to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, IS, and Al-Qaeda,” he added

He added that: “The point is that they have not shown positive intent. We have told them, “If you want to continue a war provoked by foreigners, remember that we will not leave our people undefended.” In this issue [of peace talks], neither Taliban leaders nor Pakistan have shown any particular commitment.

Furthermore, Atmar said that 12 high-ranking Islamic State (IS) leaders including Hafeez Saeed [Khan] have been killed in Afghanistan. Operations against them are ongoing. But I want to emphasize that if Daesh (Arabic name for IS) finds sanctuary in Pakistan and gets funding there, this problem will unfortunately continue to grow just like these other groups have. We can easily eliminate IS if Pakistan does not give the militants sanctuary.

“This government will never forget how IS blew up our innocent people one by one by putting landmines under them. The government is committed to crushing IS, and we will not let them commit such atrocities again.”

The remark of the high-ranking government official comes after three regional countries held meeting to discuss current situation.

Top foreign ministry officials of the three regional countries—Afghanistan, Iran and India—stressed on regional cooperation in fight against terrorism. The meeting which held in Tehran, three countries discussed an array of issues of mutual interest, regional developments and explored ways to develop trilateral political, economic, cultural and transportation cooperation.

According to officials, it is a great move that Pakistan was not invited in this meeting, because Pakistan was never sincere in fight against insurgents. Moreover, it gives hope to the Afghan masses that India and Iran are making efforts to take a bold step in fight against all form of insurgents, including the newly emerged Daesh.

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