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Islamic Clerics in Balkh Call for Inclusive Govt


Kabul: A gathering of Islamic clerics in Mazar-e-Sharif called on the Taliban to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan. The clerics made the remarks in a gathering in which the charge d’affaires of the Iran embassy in Kabul also participated, saying that all tribes should be included in the government, reported Tolo News.

“All tribes should be taken on their side based on their contribution,” said Mubaligh, a cleric. “There is employment. They (Taliban) may pay attention to the employment to provide job opportunities for the citizens,” said Mohammad Younus Ayoubi, a tribal elder. “The Islamic Emirate cannot address the problems due to the challenges it faces. Addressing the problems of unemployment is in fact addressing the hunger in Afghanistan,” said Rahmatullah, a cleric.

Earlier, the Taliban said that its government is inclusive and that calls from foreign countries for the formation of an inclusive government is interference in Afghan internal affairs.

Several Afghan experts said the establishment of an inclusive government could be a pathway to ending challenges that currently exist in Afghanistan.

The international community has spelt out at least four conditions before recognizing the Taliban government: forming an inclusive government, respect for the rights of women and girls and other minorities, as well as that Afghanistan not becoming a haven for insurgent groups. This comes at a time when Afghanistan is facing a dire situation as economic disorder and food shortages pushed the country to the brink of a humanitarian crisis.

While world leaders, including international allies, insist on forming an inclusive government in Afghanistan is key to formal recognition of the current government, the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly defied the odds.

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