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Islamic Emirate Forms Commission to Hold Loya-Jirga

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KABUL: The Islamic Emirate said it has formed a commission to take preparation for convening of Loya Jirga (Great Assembly).

The acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Shohabuddin Delawar did not provide details over the exact date of the Loya Jirga, saying that influential Afghan figures will be invited.
“There will be a Loya Jirga in which all Afghans will participate.

The influential Afghans who will be effective for the peace and development of Afghanistan,” he said.
There is no information about the members of the commission which is making preparations for holding the Loya-Jirga.
“This is a good step. I hope the commission holds an inclusive Loya Jirga in which Afghans from all tribes can represent themselves,” said Shahzada Masoud, former presidential adviser.
Earlier, former President Hamid Karzai called on the caretaker government to hold a Loya Jirga in order to gain national and international legitimation.
The international community also stressed reconciliation dialogues to pave the way for a government that is ‘acceptable for all Afghans.’
“If it is in a legal format, it will benefit Afghanistan,” said Gulalai Akbarai, a former senator.
This comes as no world country has thus far recognised the current Afghan government.

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