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Islamic Emirate of Taliban ‘Unacceptable’; U.S. and Russia

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KABUL: The United States and Russia on Saturday jointly announced that the Islamic Emirate of Taliban is not acceptable and the international community and the United Nations will not support reinstatement of such regime.

The statement welcomed the agreement signed between US and Taliban and called it a crucial step towards ending the war in Afghanistan. “Urged all sides to further decrease violence in order to create an environment conducive to intra-Afghan negotiations.”

Washington and Moscow once again called on the Taliban to make all-out efforts and ensure that Afghanistan’s soil would not be used by Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups as a threat to foreign countries.

“It is expected that all sides will observe a ceasefire during intra-Afghan negotiations so as to reach an agreement on a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future,” added the statement.

The US and Taliban last Saturday signed a peace deal that pave the ground for a gradual drawdown of foreign troops and intra-Afghan-talks.

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