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Islamic rules, regulations is for entire Muslim world, not one country

What Pakistani clerics mean, suicide bombing is unlawful in Pakistan, but Islamic in Afghanistan. They ignoreing estimated 700,000 religious madrassass functioning in Pakistan, producing suicide bombers

By Mansoor Faizy-The Muslim community around the globe knows better that suicide is forbidden (Haram) in Islam. Whether it is self suicide or suicide against a group of people to kill them, is absolutely against Islamic teachings and human valves. We don’t have such thing in Islam—our (Afghan scholars) by taking advantages of every occasion, they not only opposed suicide bombings but those who commits it will drive out from Islamic rules and regulations and directly jumps into infidelity. For sake of argument, if a person argues that suicide bombing is allowed if it’s necessary, okay, but not in words, you must come up with proof. Not only suicide bombing is not permissible, but rather it’s a sin with highly punishable. Our Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) said, “Whoever purposely throws himself from a mountain and kills himself, will be in the (Hell).” Nothing has left now for those who committees suicide to kill others, leaving himself. Like this, there are several other verses of the Holy Quran and Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) saying that carrying suicide attacks is totally prohibited—an act with severe punishment as well. If self suicide is forbidden then suicide bombing is strictly prohibited. Allah, the Almighty says that whoever kills someone—irrespective he/she, Muslim or none is like the whole of humanity is killed. Now the argument of suicide bombing that has taking place in Afghanistan and other war-hit countries is totally forbidden, and those who committed will find their place in Hell, instead they carried to go paradise. A true believer would neither commit such a forbidden act, nor will endanger others lives. Last year, Afghanistan witnessed more than 60 deadly suicide attacks carried out by the Taliban and Islamic State, widely known as Daesh terrorist groups across the country. The majority of hits in Kabul, Nangarhar, and Herat provinces, it has been reported. Out of the 63 attacks, Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for 48 of and Daesh 15 others. The civilians paid a high price for these forbidden acts of militant groups. Mostly civilians were martyred and wounded. Daesh terrorists martyred more civilians than Taliban. Below are some attacks carried out by Daesh terrorist in 2017.

Attack on Tabyan Culture Center in Kabul, the capital city, martyred over 40, and wounded over 80.

Attack on Jawadia Mosque in Herat province, martyred 29, wounded 46.

Attack on Shamshad TV in Kabul, two martyred and 21 others received injures.

Attack on Imam Zaman mosque again in Kabul, martyred 50, all of them worshippers, and wounded 46 others.

Attack on a mosque in Ghor province, martyred 33, and wounded 46 others.

Attack on al-Zahra mosque in Kabul, martyred seven and 21 others wounded.

There are several other attacks as well. But the most deadly one was May 31 truck bombing that martyred over 140, and wounded over 500 all of them civilians and Kabul residents. According to Islamic teachings, those who martyred will entered paradise and the Taliban and Daesh militant’s suicide bombers will definitely go to the Hell that last forever. Eternally, they (Taliban, Daesh fighters) will burn in fire—the innocent blood of Afghan masses will not go unpaid. However, the interesting while very important point, is the backing source of these militant groups, and that’s none other than our hostile neighbor—Pakistan that has been supporting and harboring various terrorist groups on its soil. It is not proclamation only—Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in his comments on May 31 truck bombing in Kabul, admitted in that time that three or four insurgents entered Afghanistan from Pakistan and carried out the deadly bombing. Wow, what a great confessions. Anyways, recently, the Pakistani clerics have issued a Fatwa (Religious decree) in which they prohibited suicide bombings only in Pakistan and remained tight lipped against the so-called Jihad in Afghanistan. At least 2,000 Pakistani religious scholars, representing different schools of thoughts, issued a Fatwa, declaring suicide attack, armed insurgency against a state and use of force in the name of imposing Shariah law (Islamic law) as forbidden in Islam. A very cleaver move—but not remembered that Islam is a religion which is for all humankind, not only for Pakistanis. Who is Pakistani clerics to declare prohibiting of suicide attacks at current time when the holy religion of Islam forbidden it 14 centuries ago. It was better for Pakistani scholars to issue Fatwa like this, ‘training and exporting suicide bombers in other countries, particular to Afghanistan is totally forbidden in Islam.” We want that statement. Afghanistan has always stressed the need for such a decree to be issued not only by Pakistan, but from a wider Islamic world. Suicide bombing in Afghanistan is also forbidden. Pakistan has over 35,337 registered madrassas, though it is believed to be thousands more unregistered ones. A report claims that some 3.5 million students were enrolled with 35,337 madrassass in Pakistan. Some people claim that there are more than 700,000 madrassas looking into official data of 35,337. Only in Qilla Abdullah district of Baluchistan, there are 191 madrassas are functioning. Moreover, Darul Uloom Haqqania, founded in 1947 is serving as a breeding nursery and production factory of the so-called Jihad. Based on Afghanistan National Directorate of Security (NDS’s) report, the May 31 truck bombing carried out by Haqqani terrorist network which belongs to Darul Uloom Haqqania and sheltering in big cities of Pakistan.  The number of madrassas grew dramatically during and after the reign of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, and is especially popular among Pakistan’s poorest families in parts because they feed and housing their students. What these madrassas are teaching students. Surely, almost all of them producing suicide bombers, and it is like open book to the world and an established fact. The Fatwa is a very appreciable, but it was satisfaction when they (Pakistan scholars) declare suicide bombings un-Islamic in Afghanistan as well—moreover, to pressurize Pakistan officials to lock those madrassas that not only producing but exporting suicide bombers to Afghanistan. One thing is for must that until these madrassas are functioning in Pakistan and went without demolishing, the durable peace and stability in the region and to entire world could not be prevailed.

The writer is Editor-in-Chief of Afghanistan Times, and also member of Rana Think Tank. Could be reached here: [email protected]

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