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Islamic Scholars Urge Islamic Emirate to Reopen Schools for Girls

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KABUL: Dozens of Islamic Scholars in a gathering in Kabul urged the Islamic Emirate to reopen the schools for girls above sixth.

They stressed that there is no Islamic (Sharia) justification for depriving girls of education if an Islamic environment is facilitated with females’ respecting Hijab.

 “If the female schools teach lessons with the observation of Hijab, Islamic Sharia, and in a certain time shift, Inshallah, it will not be in contrast with Islamic regulation and the Quran,” said Sheik Mohammad Anwar Ibrahimi.  

“The prophet Mohammad (PBUH) allocated Wednesday for women’s education based on women’s demands,” Sheikh Mawlawi Abdul Mateen said.  

Last month, the girls student in grades 7-12 were not allowed to attend their classes and were told to remain home until next decision is announced.

The clerics called education an Islamic and human right of every Muslim and that there is no obstacles against women’s access to education in Islam.  

Banning Afghan girls from going to schools faced strong reactions inside and outside Afghanistan. Earlier, Reuters reported that the US has called off some important pre-planned meetings with the Islamic Emirate in reaction to the closing of secondary and high schools for girls.

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