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Islamic State commander ‘killed in air strike’

KABUL: Foreign forces in Afghanistan killed an Islamic State commander in an air strike in eastern Nangarhar province, security officials said.

“The notorious Daesh commander Khateb Ameer has been killed in an air strike which foreign forces launched in Nangarhar,” a spokesman for the Defense Ministry said on Friday.

Javid Ahmad Ghafoor said Khateb coordinated and facilitated attacks in urban areas and provided explosive materials and logistic support to the Daesh extremists. Khateb’s killing would help improve security situation in Nangarhar and its urban areas, he said.

In another string of air strikes in the Islamic State hotbed Nangarhar, Afghan and coalition killed 7 terrorists and arrested as many others. A spokesman for the 201st Selab Military Corps Mohammad Haroon Yusufzai said the drone strikes killed seven ISIS extremists and wounded one in Nari Awbu village of Haska Meena district on Thursday night.

He said five Taliban and two Islamic State militants were arrested after Afghan forces launched operations in Khogiani, Shinwari and Durbaba districts of Nangarhar.

Governor’s spokesman Attaullah Khogiani said the detained insurgents were carrying out terrorist activities in the Shinwari, Khogiani and Batikot district of the province.

“They have acknowledged their involvement in subversive activities and are under investigation of the National Directorate of Security,” he added.

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