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Islamic State expands foothold in Afghanistan after defeat in Syria: Reports

KABUL: The Daesh is reforming in Afghanistan, according to reports, amid the government’s claims that the terrorist group was defeated in the country and had no power to face security forces.

A news agency that is covering Daesh’s activities in Afghanistan has reported that the Daesh fighters are working to gather and announce their so-called “caliphate” in Afghanistan after being defeated in Syria and Iraq. It claimed that Afghanistan’s geographic structure is suitable for the Daesh that is recruiting fresh fighters from the regional countries.

“Afghanistan is a good place for Daesh activities, because a large part of the country is out of the government’s control and its high mountains help the group to hide in safe places while in operation. Daesh is now recruiting fresh fighters in Afghanistan and Central Asian countries,” the report claimed.

The report has quoted a Russian political analyst as saying that Daesh was trying to expand its presence towards the Central Asian countries close to Russia.

Political experts suggest that Daesh was helped by foreign supporters and was a big threat for the region, considering its expansion to the northern Afghanistan with mysterious assistances. They say that Afghanistan’s poor stance against Daesh and supporting by some circles to the group has increased regional countries’ concerns.

Representatives from northern provinces in the parliament have frequently warned against Daesh presence and existence of its training centers in their respective areas.

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