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‘Issuance of e-Tazkera within three months’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The rolling out of the long-delayed Electronic National Identity cards is expected to be kicked off in nearest time with the experimental stage probably to cover 500,000 nationals, officials said on Wednesday.

Department of Population Registration and Electronic ID-cards has said that all efforts on card to initiate issuance of e-Tazkera across the country with three months.

The Distribution of e-Tazkera is a long awaited dream for all Afghans, but since two year the issuance process has been delayed due to different reasons. All Afghan people welcomes the start of e-Tazkera issuance and they believe that distribution of e-ID cards would be a good step to provide accurate population data which help to run free and fair election and also very much productive in strengthening of security. Though the distribution of e-Tazkera has been stymied by political controversies and fundamental technical questions in the past years, but this time the department assured people that distribution of e-Tazerka would start in near future.

“Following president direction, the issuance of e-Tazkera will be started within 90 days,” General Director of Population Registration and Electronic ID-Card Department of Ministry of Interior, Homayoun Mohtat told newsmen.

Speaking at a press conference, he said that the first phase would be probationary process, which covers Kabul, the capital city, ten ministries, one province and one embassy abroad.

“Probationary process of e-Tazkera issuance would be implemented in six months.  During this, 500,000 registered people in database would receive e-Tazkera,” he said.

He added that these registered people are included civil staffs, and their families, who all were registered in database in the past two years.

“Running of probationary round of e-Tazkera issuance is aimed to assess capacity and required period for Tazkera distribution all over the country,” he noted. According to him during distribution, 38 specification of a person would be recorded in the database.

He furthered, eight personal specification out of 38 would be mentioned in the e-Tazekra including nationality and ethnicity.

Regarding financial cost of the first phase of probationary process, he said that $4.2 million fun allocated by the Ministry of Finance. “As a whole the distribution process across the country requires more budget, however, the government would discuses and coordinate with the donor countries.”

While insisting over transparent distribution of e-ID cards, he said “employees would be hired through administration reforms committee.” However, he said that employment of the ex-staffers would be given priority. To maintain further transparency in the process, he said that human resources would be hired within the province.

He further went on saying that distribution of e-Tazker is a national process, and has no connection with the political and military issues. “Even Afghan Taliban, who completes the criteria, can obtain e-Tazkera.”


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