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It’s time for peace negotiations not Jirga: Activists

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KABUL: A number of political analysts and civil rights activists said that convening of consultative national assembly “Loya Jirga” to decide on the fate of the remaining Taliban prisoners, is nothing but a clear excuse aimed at wasting time in such a crucial period of the peace process.

Based on RTA, the Loya Jirga to convene on 7 August 2020. It could last between 3-5 days. President Ashraf Ghani had announced the calling of Loya Jirga so that Afghans could decide the fate of 400 Taliban prisoners whose names are given by the group.

Ahmad Navid Sarwary, a political expert criticized President Ashraf Ghani for his decision to convince Jirga, saying it would not help the peace process.

He said that war and peace, both have heavily reliant on foreign countries, especially on the US. “President Ghani freed over 4,500 Taliban inmates due to intense pressure by the US,” he said.

He said that Ghani has not consulted with any Afghan official regarding the release of the militants and “now, when his personal interest is at risk, he is talking about convening the Loya Jirga.

Sarwari called on the government to accelerate efforts for the start of intra-Afghan negotiations instead of Jirga.

On Friday, President Ashraf Ghani said that he faced serious criticisms over release of the Taliban prisoners, and that he is willing to give authority to the members of the Jirga on releasing another 400 Taliban prisoners.

A civil right activist, Siar Ahmad said that President Ghani is trying to protect his government by holding a Loya Jirga. According to him, the negotiators may call on the establishment of an interim-government once they sit in the intra-Afghan talks.

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