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IWPG, peace message for Afghanistan

IWPG, holding a special occasion with a peace message of one global heart wishing for the peace of Afghanistan. A hundred number of Busan citizens took part in this occasion and had their attention to the reality of Afghanistan.

On May 12th, 2018, IWPG, International Women’s Peace Group, and AWEC, Afghan Women’s Educational Center, co-hosted a special occasion, ‘Writing a letter to wish for the peace in Afghanistan’ in Busan, a port city located in the southern part of Korea.

This occasion was held for the realization of peace in Afghanistan, urging for the attention of the global family to the women and children, the innocent victims from acts of terrorism, and the strong encouragement of the peace movements in Afghanistan.

This day, about one hundred women from Busan joined this occasion, listened to the current situation of Afghanistan, stamped their hands on a letter to make it look the national flag of Afghanistan, and wrote a peace message.

The Manager of Busan West Branch of IWPG, said, “Victims of terrorism are emerging day by day, and with this current situation in Afghanistan, the world must know this, and we must urge for the legislation of DPCW in order to forestall any shape of war in advance.”

Ms. Sujin Kim, one citizen from Busan, said, “My heart collapsed when I heard the reality of Afghanistan. Although it is far from here in distance, I consider us as a global family. Their news became my issue. I do hope for the peace to come into reality in Afghanistan.”

IWPG, registered with UN Department of Public Information, is an international women peace network with a motto, “Protect the noble lives of the globe with motherly heart and leave world peace as a legacy to the future generations”. IWPG, with its 100 branches and 220 cooperating organizations all around the world, is now currently encouraging the peace movements of women, holding ‘IWPG Network’, ‘Only Peace Conference’, ‘Peace Education’, ‘Plant Peace’, and so on.

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