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Editorial: Jalalabad – once a peaceful city

Nangarhar is one of under developed provinces of Afghanistan; located in eastern part of the country – and Jalalabad makes its capital that unfortunately witnessed so many deadly attacks in recent months, making it insecure in extended level. Insurgents carried out deadly attacks in Jalalabad with taking huge tool from Nangarharis that no more room left for them to bear the brunt of casualties, seeking an immediate change in security apparatus as their failure in maintaining security is visible like open book. To overcome insecurity, President Ashraf Ghani held an emergency meeting on Wednesday, ordering related officials to leave no stone unturned in stepping up security in the province. From now on, Afghan National Army will come forward alongside Afghan National Police to restore so-called peace in the province. The decision is quiet logical. Army and Police, the two strong forces will prove fruitful to deal with chaotic situation that has been materialized from current uncertainty.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Jalalabad is one of beating heart of Afghanistan with most populated inhabitants. Moreover, they, like rest of Afghans in other provinces, always stood against foreign conspiracies and helped central government in its nipping. Now, when militants miserably failed to capture major parts of Nangarhar province, keeping up attacks in which ordinary citizens of Nangarhar are the worst victims. The notorious Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh extremist group, has made all-out efforts to gain foothold in Nangarhar, however failed, but threatening the province at highest level. In reprisal to their backlash, Daesh militants carried out several attacks even not spared mosques, shrines, hospitals, and other civic departments that have nothing to do with politics. In the past three months, 30 terrorist incidents took place in Nangarhar, in which 165 people have been killed, and over 500 other received injures. Daesh extremist group was behind almost all of them. So the target is civilians as Daesh terrorists defeated by Afghan security forces. Various operations were conducted by joint forces with air support of foreign forces against Daesh militants in Achin, Kot, Haska Mena, Chaparhar, Pachiragam and Khogyani districts, driving them away. Having no zeal to stand against security forces, Daesh now trying to maintain its weak power, by carrying out attacks in public places that ending up with civilian fatalities. This is a big shame. Targeting unharmed people is no justifiable in any law in the world. It’s in best interest of Daesh fighters to reintegrate into civil society like over 200 of them did in Jawzjan on Wednesday, before to be chased by brave security forces.

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