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Jamiat faults Kabul order to unseat Samangan governor

AT-KABUL: Jamiat-e Islami defied an order by the central government to remove a second governor of the northern Samangan province, deepening a political schism between President Ashraf Ghani and regional leaders.

President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday ordered northern governor Abdul Karim Khadem – a senior member of Jamiat-e Islami political party – to step down. Jamiat in a statement alleged the removal of Samangan governor was totally baseless and unprovoked because there was no objection against him.

The statement said that it is clear that establishing of National Unity Government (NUG) was fulfilling of commitments such as formation of commission to bring amendment in constitution, running of election of provincial council, convening of Loya Jirga to bring changes in constitution, distribution of national ID cards accordance to the parliament approved law, brining reforms in electoral bodies and running of parliamentarian election. These all commitments must were the top agenda for the NUG and should be fulfilled two years after establishing NUG.

Statement said that unfortunately the NUG not only fulfilled its commitments, but took in hand worng and monopoly agendas which lead to further crisis.

The latest challenge is issuance of decree regarding dismissal of Smanagan governor. This issue born, while still the created challenge in Balkh not solved, statement added.

The Jamiat-e-Islamic Party, which is one of the main sides of establishing NUG, calls the decree of the dismissal of Samangan governor invalid and a step toward further tension, noted statement.

Statement said that Jamiat party terms negotiation and following of the political agreement of the NUG only solution way for challenges, underlined the statement.

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