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Jawand district of Badghis falls to Taliban

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Officials in Badghis province has confirmed that Jawand district of the province has fallen under the Taliban control.

Bahauddin Qudsi, the chairman of Badghis Provincial Council, said that Jawand district of the province is currently under the Taliban’s control. “The militants have surrounded district chief and police chief of the district,” Radio Azadi quoted Qudsi as saying.

Mirwais Mirzakwal, the spokesman for the provincial governor office said that national army commandos along with other security forces are trying their best to clear the district from the presence of militants.

“Though the exact number of casualties is not clear, reports say that at least six Afghan soldiers have been killed in the clashes,” he added.

Mirzakwal said that a swarm of militants, numbering around 600 fighters, storm Jawand district the other night. He added that foreign militants were also among the Taliban insurgents.

Safia Aymaq, a parliamentarian from Badghis, described the security situation in Jawand district as fragile and said that she has discussed the issue with the government officials several times in the past, but they took the threat lightly. She said, due of lack of enough security forces, the Taliban militants frequently attack the remote district.

She said that the current clashes between security forces and the Taliban have forced tens of families to leave their houses.

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