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Jihadi leader accuses Ghani administration of opposing peace efforts

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KABUL: Ismael Khan, a former jihadi leader accused President Ghani of opposing peace and the reconciliation council, saying that such opposition by the government causes the failure of the council to hold formal meetings.

“The reason that the Afghan government and Taliban do not reach a settlement is that there is no supporter, instructor and organizers behind them. The reconciliation council was expected to support and instruct them but the institution has not been established yet,” Khan said Friday.

Separately, Abdullah Abdullah the chairman of the reconciliation council met former president Hamid Karzai and former jihadi leader Abdul Rasoul Sayyaf, discussing peace and reconciliation council.

President Ghani ordered for the establishment of the reconciliation council and appointed Abdullah to run the entity some three months ago. The order was followed by criticisms by some politicians including Karzai.

“Who will instruct the peace negotiating team in Doha if the reconciliation council had not been formed?” political expert Shahzada Massoud said.

Political analysts believe that the ongoing talks between government and Taliban in Qatar were in better condition if the reconciliation council had been shaped.

“Unfortunately, the high council for national reconciliation has not been yet established under any reason and any title. This makes problems for the peace talks,” said Faizullah Jalal, a political science lecturer at the Kabul University.

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