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Jihadi, national parties’ council asks protestors to end road blockage

‘Jihadi Leader Mujaddidi says is ready to play as mediator role between protestors and government’

By Farhad Naibkhel-KBAUL: The High Council of Jihadi and National Parties (Shoraye A’ali Ahzab Jihadi wa Melli) on Sunday expressed concern over sit-in tents by demonstrators in Kabul city, which has caused big traffic problems in Kabul city during Ramadan holy month. The council asked demonstrators to put an end to blocking roads.

“Demonstration is the right of everyone, we support it and ask government to respond positively to protestors legal demand,” said Jihadi Leader Hazrat Sebghatullah Mujaddidi.

Speaking on behalf of the High Council of Jihadi and National Parties, he called on sit-in tents protestors to avoid of closing public roads during holy Ramadan months.

He said that besides harming of people due to traffic jam patient fail to reach to hospital and children to school.

As roads blocked by protestors’ tents people failed to run their own business in a better manner, thus it is essential to the protestors to put conclusion before closing roads, he added.

“I support protestors’ demands regarding bringing reforms in government,” Mojaddidi said.

He asked the government to response positively to the legal demands of demonstrators.

I am ready to negotiate and play as mediator role between government and protestors, he noted.

He said that only convention of national consensus is remedy to overcome current crisis.

Pointing to demand of protestors, he stated that resignation of National Unity Government in current critical situation is not for national interest, but we want seriously reforms.

Pir Sayed Hamed Gilani, another Jihadi said that we must have big vision over issues, not through small channels, which lead to tribalism and discord.

He insisted that we must keep unity and work together with the government in order to operate effectively and efficiently.

It is worth mentioning that hundreds of demonstrators came out to the streets of Kabul city on Friday in a bid to march on the Presidential Palace. They had been protesting against Wednesday’s massive truck bomb in the city that killed over 150 people. Protestors blaming security officials with failure in security reinforcement and were seeking their resignation. Since Friday they have established different protest tents Kabul city, which caused lots of traffic jam and a big matter of concern for public during the holy month of Ramadan.

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