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Jihadi party seeks end to crises

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-Kabul: The Harakat-e-Inqelab-e-Islami Afghanistan party on Tuesday urged the government to put an end to current crises through all possible ways.

Hundreds of members of the Jihadi party, former government officials, religious scholars, civil society activists had gathered in Kabul to demand the National Unity Government (NUG) to change its policies and find solution to the challenges faced by people of Afghanistan.

Participants of the gathering urged the government to convene the traditional Loya Jirga and end current wars through negotiations.

Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, the former minister of commerce and industries, expressed his deep concerns over mounting insecurity and migration of youth to foreign countries in pursuit of jobs. He said that the Loya Jirga should be convened in order to put end to current crises.

Ahadi termed current policies of the government as failure and said that around 96 percent people are not satisfied with performances of the NUG.

He also questioned the legitimacy of the NUG and added that people should build up pressure on the government to change its policies and convene Loya Jirga.

Pacha Khan Zadran, a former MP from Paktia province, said the NUG cannot call a Loya Jirga because it lacks legitimacy. Thus, he urged people to come to the fore and bring Afghanistan out of the crises.

Shahzada Massoud, an advisor to the ex-President Hamid Karzai, also termed Loya Jirga as the only remedy to current crises.

Leader of the jihadi and political party, Maulavi Qalamuddin, termed peace and stability of Afghanistan as desires of the party. He added that Harakat-e-Inqelab-e-Islami stands committed to support the government to bring lasting peace and stability to the country.

He called on the Taliban, particularly the new leader of the terrorist group Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor, to come to the negotiation table, because war is not the solution.

He also called on leaders of the NUG— President Ashraf Ghani and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah— to put their differences aside and work for bringing peace to the country.

Qalamuddin said that his party forges friendly relations with all Jihadi and political parties, because differences should be put aside in order to work for bringing peace to the war-hit country.

The party also issued a 10-artcile resolution, where it urged the government to find a political solution to war and steer the country towards prosperity.

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