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Joblessness, youth, education system and the govt

Unemployment is truing into a serious threat. As a sharp decline in international aid has been seen there has been a sharp rise in joblessness. Three key factors are behind this dilemma. The first one is decline in international aid. The second one is flawed government policies. And third one is the problem very much with the education system as the current education has been producing more degree holder and less educated. Now the result is that over a hundred unemployed youths took to the streets and expressed their anger against joblessness and nepotism. Some of the protestors set their academic documents on fire out of sheer anger and helplessness. Perhaps joblessness is part of the self-inflicted financial crisis as the haves class, the ruling elite, have been stashing away the wealth that comes to the country under the name of aid. When their wealth is piling up in foreign accounts, here at home, thousands of becoming jobless, is there anybody else who speaks up for the poor and jobless. By now the government has not published any economic survey where it must have been attempted to show how much aid and money came to this country since 2001 and how much went to ministries and reconstruction projects. Moreover, accountability system is also weak. We just hear about biggest corruption scams, but the next day there is no follow up and no conclusions. The national self-praised leadership lacked the political will to address our root problems—soaring joblessness and plaguing insecurity, and corruption. The jobless glut is the most vulnerable in our society. Joblessness, of course, is a terrible plight for those who suffer from it, but for those as well who are causing as joblessness gives birth to crimes such as kidnappings and car lifting. And it is the rich class that’s affected by the rise in kidnappings for ransom. Moreover, people have not been drawn into the labor market as all are running madly after government jobs. Besides creating jobs the government must encourage people on coming into labor market. Here the blame is on our education system. Those who have degrees in their hands are madly running after government slots but when they are told to get into labor market until they get a right opportunity with the government, all of sudden they become sentimental and egotistic. They say if they wanted to be a laborer why they opted for education. For them it’s like a taunt. And for them it’s like challenging their ego. This mindset could be effectively addressed in education institutions. Moreover, a particular focus must be laid on quality education as universities across the country are good enough in producing degree holders but failing in producing outstanding brains, who are not only equipped with visionary traits to change their not only their own lives but also the fate of others. Unfortunately these factors have collectively ranked Afghanistan amongst the lowest globally in regard to human development indicators. If the situation is not addressed effectively, its fallouts will be felt for longer where they will become more challenging and complex in the future.

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