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Joe Biden, you’re wrong on Afghanistan; “We are one, united nation”

AT News Report

KABUL: A US presidential candidate has claimed that Afghanistan had been torn into three parts, speaking on a decentralized system in the war-hit country.

Joe Biden, former vice president who now runs for presidency representing the Democrat party, said in an electoral debate that Afghanistan is an incorrigible country.

Biden also offered a federal system in Afghanistan, arguing that the country has already divided into three parts, with three provinces in the east being under Pakistan control through the Haqqani terrorist network considered as Pakistan’s proxy.

Political experts and members of parliament denounce Biden’s statement as an explanation of the United States’ “incorrect will”. President Ghani’s office also reacted to the remarks, saying that Afghanistan has a united geography and Pakistan has control on no Afghan area.

Biden has claimed that no change was brought in Afghan situation despite the US military and political presence.

He suggested that American troops should withdraw from Afghanistan and establish strong bases in the neighboring Pakistan, from where they can launch counter-terrorist operations in Afghan soil.

“We have presence in Afghanistan for many many years, but the situation there has not changed. Afghanistan has been divided into three parts and a federal system there is suggested. The US needs to pull its troops out of there and establish fortified bases in Pakistan so that from there, it fight against terrorists,” he said.

Political analysts in Afghanistan condemn Biden’s words as an indication of the US incorrect wills, killing of Afghans and disintegration of Afghanistan. They said that Afghans are a united and inseparable nation.

The government has said that Biden’s words are unacceptable.

Biden had earlier expressed the federal system idea in Iraq that was rejected by Iraqis.

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