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John Kirby: We know Pakistan-based terror havens caused war in Afghanistan

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KABUL: The Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby says that the United States is aware of what is going on in the Afghan war, adding that those terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan caused the war in Afghanistan.

“These terrorist centers are dangerous for Afghanistan, Pakistan itself as well as for the whole region,” Kirby told reporters on Tuesday.

He said that Washington is in touch with Islamabad to eliminate the terrorist centers there, but did not elaborate the talks.

Ahead of this, international media and political experts had said that Pakistan is running a proxy war in Afghanistan. According to them, terrorists trained in Pakistan-based training camps are sent to Afghanistan for destructive activities.

Kirby said that Afghan forces are capable to bring great changes in the battlefield, but it depends on a good leadership in the Afghan government. He reiterated that they would continue support to the Afghan air force.

He once again emphasized on a good leadership in Afghanistan to make its security forces win the war as they are well trained and armed as well as having high morale.

The Afghan army and police took over fighting terrorist groups including Taliban at the end of 2014 when the US-led international forces ended their combat mission. They however remained for another seven years to train and advise Afghan government forces.

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