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Jomhuryat hospital suffers 50m AFs damage from car bomb

AT-KABUL: Saturday’s car bomb has affected 50 million Afghanis damage to the government hospital of Jomhuryat, officials in the hospital said.

“The deadly attack destroyed our modern machineries and other medical equipment,” said Mohammad Haroon Aref, head of the hospital. The bomber detonated an ambulance filled with explosives next to the entrance of the hospital. Aref added that the parts of the hospital’s building were damaged and five employees were injured.

One day after the attack, people are still gathering behind the Kabul hospitals including Jomhuryat to get information about their dear ones’ fate.

103 people were killed and 235 more injured in the attack, most of the victims are civilians.

Head of the hospital added that the emergency ward and the administration section were destroyed, glasses were broken and valuable equipment had been damaged.

“I am looking for my nephew. Two of them were in serving in police in this area. We found the body of one but the second one is still missing and we found pieces of his uniform,” said Dr. Safi, a Kabul resident.

The attack took place in busy area with several shops, restaurants, government offices and embassies.

This was the second deadliest attack after the May 31th one that left 150 dead.

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