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Journalists see supporting fund as symbolic

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KABUL: A number of journalists accused the media supporting fund of “dual treatments” with them and criticize its functions.

They journalists on Wednesday called the fund as “a symbol”, alleging that no reporter has so far received support from that.

Javed Kargar, a journalist who was wounded in a Kabul blast last month, says, “I was injured for 21 days, but nobody came to visit me. The fund came under criticisms and I posted about my rights on the Facebook. I found that the head of the fund had said that I (Javed) am not a journalist, while I am working as journalist for 13 years.”

Ahmad Shah Azimi is another journalist, who was wounded in a Kabul attack last year, says nothing was done for him by the fund.

“There is no doubt that the fund has been monopolized. We worked with them for more than a year and saw there was unfortunately a monopoly spirit there,” said Fahim Dashti, another journalist.

The fund was established five years ago with the aim of supporting journalists suffer losses in different incidents or those in financial need.

It was reopened last year by President Ghani, who donated five million Afs.

Around 20 journalists were killed in the country last year, which was called the “dangerous year” for reporters.

The members of the fund reject allegations as baseless, saying they would be ready for any clarification regarding their job.

“The allegations are made by the used chess pieces who have done nothing but taking money from foreign embassies in the past 16 years,” said Momtaz Haidari, head of the fund’s audit.

Frequent criticisms made vice president Danesh to assign a delegation for investigation.

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