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Judiciary divided between feuding leaders, warns watchdog

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KABUL: The Integrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) has voiced concerned over negotiations about the portion of judicial system between the two feuding Afghan leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and Former Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah. CEO of IWA, Sayed Akram Afzali said, “It has been a longtime that corruption is looming in some of the important departments of Afghanistan.”

Due to corruption and lack of accountability of the government administration, he said that Afghanistan has been failed to form a stead government despite abundant investment by the United Nations.

The organization called on the Afghan political leaders to respect the country’s judicial system and keep it out political deals.

The IWA asked the United Nations to make all-out efforts to protect the Afghanistan judicial system from political deals.

“The administrations, which are responsible to implement laws, guarantee integrity of the government, have access to information and are expected to avoid corruption and violation of human rights,” Mohammad Timory, an officials of the organizations said, “are being jeopardized,”.

After a longtime disagreement, President Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah have said to be making a deal over power sharing with the mediation of domestic elites and foreign diplomats.

According to scheme leaked to the media, Ghani and Abdullah would be sharing fifty-fifty cabinet. The scheme made by Abdullah’s office, included the leadership of High Peace Council as well as appointments of governors to the provinces, where he secured more votes than Ghani.

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